Enclosures save time and simplify maintenance

Static Systems Group has introduced ‘new and improved’ enclosures for its Aspire SmartSync ‘world-class wireless’ nurse call solution.

The new SmartFit enclosures incorporate a back mounting plate which fixes directly to the wall, while the front plate simply slides and snaps into a locked position. The enclosures can be easily taken apart to access batteries, ‘saving time during installation, and making maintenance much easier’. 

Static Systems said: “The new contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design of the SmartFit enclosures mirrors that of the Aspire SmartSync patient hand unit and, like the hand unit, has been designed with infection control in mind. The enclosures’ design and components are similar to wired systems, providing familiarity in operation and functionality for staff and other users.”  

Chris Turner, the company’s Commercial director, said: “With more widespread adoption of wireless nurse call solutions, and rising demand for our Aspire SmartSync wireless range, we revisited the original design of our enclosures to make enhancements that would benefit installers and endusers. We’re confident that the new enclosures will generate a lot of positive feedback when we unveil them at this month’s Healthcare Estates 2018 exhibition.” 



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