Specifying compliant bathing equipment

Reval Continuing Care MD, Jason Ashman, discusses the importance of only purchasing compliant water fittings for use in healthcare settings – with a particular focus on assisted bathing equipment – and sets out some of the key things that potential purchasers of such products should look out for.

Oxidising biocide offers users ‘safer and easier’ route

Providing a clean water supply is a priority in hospital and clinical settings, but the handling and usage of associated water treatment chemicals on site can be challenging. Kieran Fleming, Business Development manager at Synthesis Water Solutions (Synthesis), outlines the main issues encountered when using such chemicals, and highlights how an innovative oxidising biocide can offer ‘a safer and easier-to-use’ alternative.

System proves effective in combating P. aeruginosa

Horne Engineering reports on the positive reception given to its In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit by the head of Healthcare Compliance at Skanska, who had been looking for an effective means of combating the persistent challenge of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in hospital water settings. The thermostatic controls specialist says he is now an enthusiastic champion of the technology.

How to successfully manage Legionella risk

Les Szabo, NSW (New South Wales) State manager at Australian water treatment specialist, HydroChem, discusses work to implement an effective Legionella risk management and prevention strategy for the hot water system at a Sydney hospital. Among the key steps taken to address the existing protocols’ shortcomings were establishing a proper sampling protocol, implementing a monthly maintenance programme for chlorine dosing, taking samples from locations on each floor – with a focus on showers, and installing a chorine dosing unit equipped with remote telemetry.

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