Augmenting independence

Horne says its enhanced inclusive design grab and riser rail are designed to augment independence for less able shower users.

To be available in Deep Orange and standard Pure White from the second quarter of 2020, the lightweight, yet robust rail comprises a core of anodised aluminium, evenly coated in durable polyester paint. Solid injection-moulded plastics form the smooth and tactile elbow and wall fixings. Horne explained: “The inclusive riser mechanism combines fishingreel technology, with a custom-designed spring for finely controlled high friction grip and low force release of the handset carriage. The rail is painted a deep orange, offering better visibility and useful support to our ageing population. Colour perceptions change with age – the eye’s lens yellows, leading to colour loss at the light spectrum’s blue end. Perception of yellow, orange, and red, remains longer, and these colours are considered more inclusive.”

Horne points out that contrast is also important to the ageing eye. Of the choice of orange, it said: “Yellow is calming, but, tonally, offers poor contrast with recommended pale wall backgrounds. Although inherently darker, red is aggressive, and often associated with heat and danger. Sharing the best properties of both, orange offers appropriate tonal contrast, but is warm and earthy.”