MTX working on Hillingdon and Hereford ward schemes

MTX has begun onsite works to provide The Hillingdon Hospital with a 28-bed decant ward.

Working directly for The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the company will deliver a single-storey, 900 m2 solution to house six four-bed wards, four HDU single-bed rooms, a nurse base, offices, an interview room, and clinical stores. 

The new facility will be located adjacent to the two-storey Nightingale centre that houses the hospital’s endoscopy department and Acute Medical Unit. MTX will provide a direct link between the two buildings and the rest of the site. By mid-April, the MTX site team had completed the foundations, drainage, and site preparations, ready for the building installation to commence late last month, in a project due for completion by July this year. 

In a separate project, MTX has been appointed to provide Hereford County Hospital with a three-storey modular ward building with top floor plantroom, to provide 72 new beds within three 24bed wards. The new facility, set to open early next year, will link into the existing hospital at ground floor, and will house multi-function bed bays alongside single-bed accommodation and ancillary areas. Site establishment has been achieved, and the groundworks have commenced, alongside installation of the main drain runs for the scheme.