‘New generation’ of hygiene flush boxes

The technical requirements for the implementation of automated flushing processes are as varied as the influences of building use on drinking water installations.

So says Kemper, which has developed ‘a new generation’ of hygiene flush boxes ‘to provide flushing measures that are both economically viable and effective’. The  company said: “A choice from the Pro, Pure, and Lite models means users can select the optimal controller concept for the type of building.” 

The Pro variant is designed particularly for large buildings that require ‘tailored flushing strategies’, explains Thomas Spöler, Product manager for the Kemper Hygiene System KHS. He said: “Potential applications include hospitals, care homes, and  nursing homes.” With the more ‘simply designed’ Pure model – which is particularly recommended for schools and nurseries – usage can be maintained by timecontrolled interval flushing. Meanwhile, the Lite is designed for buildings such as industrial premises, where a separate flushing schedule is not required, and where control is via the building management system. The housing on all variants has an exchangeable cover to allow either concealed installation, or ‘elegant surface mounting’. The hygiene flush boxes feature ‘ultra-quiet’ water exchanges, making them suitable for buildings where noise levels need to be minimised.


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