'Healthcare Estates Online' webinars on key engineering topics

Following the announcement that the ‘live’ 2020 Healthcare Estates event has been deferred until 2021, IHEEM and Step Exhibitions are running a series of digital events under the banner of ‘Stay Connected, Keep Informed, Get Ahead'.

These are taking the form of live webinars running fortnightly during July and August, the first having taken place on 30 June, and will run through to October, culminating in a week of digital content entitled ‘Healthcare Estates Online’. 

Healthcare Estates Online launched with a successful and well-attended session on 30 June 2020, from Bender UK, on ‘The Fundamentals of Secondary and Tertiary Electrical Infrastructure power for Group 2 Medical Locations’. This can now be viewed at https://tinyurl.com/ycwc28n7

The next Healthcare Estates Online webinar, from Schneider Electric, will be titled ‘Driving Efficiency in Hospitals: from Old to New’, and will take place on Tuesday 14 July at 11 am. Christopher Roberts, Director and Healthcare Solution Architect, will present on ‘how new integrated technologies can now provide the platform for change, and automation of mundane and routine processes, driving greater efficiency’. The presentation will also highlight examples of international healthcare organisations ‘who are forward thinking and willing to adopt new technologies’. The speaker said: “Working within highly secure cyber environments, and taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IOT), together with machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can now access greater insights and value from information than ever possible before.
It's time to change.” To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/y8qrsl8a

On Tuesday 28 July at 11 am, Adrian Hall, COO at Brandon Medical, will present on ‘Smart Operating Theatres’, considering how the operating theatre environment has dramatically changed, with increasing use of minimally invasive surgery requiring the integration and control of more equipment. Healthcare estates managers and engineers thus face challenges in integrating the new technologies whilst having to build in efficiencies such as flexible use of operating theatres, instead of fixed, dedicated specialisms. Compounding the complexity, solutions need to be future proof. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/yc69l8cs

A fourth upcoming webinar, from Thermal Energy International, at 11 am on 11 August, will focus on ‘Modernisation of Steam and Hot Water Systems: An Introduction To The Steam and Condensate Loop’, with an introduction to the main elements of a steam and condensate loop, including the boilers and CHP, steam distribution and heat exchange, condense return, and hotwell. Guenter Lang, Sales Director Europe, and Sam Mawby, Director of Technology, will highlight best practice, and explain where non-standard technologies can provide an efficient alternative to removal of a system. To register, visit https://tinyurl.com/y9qkers4