A ‘transformative’ workforce management and training platform

‘Transform’, described by the company as ‘the world’s most technologically advanced, cloud-based workforce management and training platform’, has been launched into the healthcare sector by 3t Energy Group.

The UK-headquartered business is a leading training provider to the international energy industry, and already works with major global names such as BP, Shell, and Total across its eight offices in Europe, America, the Middle East, and China. On top of its ‘market-leading’ training courses and advanced learning technology, 3t has created a specialist technology incubator that it says allows it ‘to continue pushing the boundaries of educational technology’. Through Transform, the Group’s decades of training expertise are now being released to the healthcare sector.

3t Energy Group said: “Transform, an advanced workforce management and learning platform, solves some of the biggest problems businesses face when managing and tracking their workforce: that without the right technology, workforce management can be inefficient, costly, time-consuming and often ineffective.”

Accessible both online and offline, Transform’s dashboard allows companies ‘to seamlessly track every detail of workforce and asset compliance from one central platform’, which 3t Energy Group dubs ‘a marked change from practices prevalent across the industry, with many companies still using various computers, systems, and filing cabinets, to manage their workforces’. 

Users can track progress and professional development to enhance safety, compliance, and performance, and individuals and companies can connect to training courses certified by the likes of the NEBOSH and IOSH. Companies can also ‘tailor’ Transform’s software to create their own training pathways for delegates, and can even upload bespoke guidance and questions, as well as track participants’ progress on qualifications; the platform automatically ‘matches’ them with the next course they must take for their professional development and where the closest training centre is.”

 Transform has been ‘pioneered by CEO Paul Stonebanks OBE, ‘one of the UK’s foremost entrepreneurs’, and President of 3t Energy Group, who was awarded an OBE in 2016, having grown numerous businesses ‘from scratch’ to become one of the leading names in the global training market. He said: “Healthcare businesses can now take advantage of continuous training – for example through our R3 learning app, which automatically identifies and recommends learning areas that delegates need to brush up on. Transform is also scalable. It can be used by companies with more than 10,000 employees, to those with just 50, and even by individuals wanting to streamline their professional development. We also have a ‘marketplace’ solution for training providers, where we share our technologies with them to drive efficiencies the industry desperately needs.”