Key components and their vital part of a safe supply

Stephanie Allchurch, Product Development manager at Altecnic, discusses the importance of getting it right when it comes to products and procedures with water systems in healthcare settings. She focuses on some of the key components needed to ensure that water systems in such settings are as hygienic and safe as possible, particularly for vulnerable end-users.

Controlling the safety and hygiene of water systems in healthcare settings is an essential element of the overall safety of end-users. As such, preventing scalding and reducing the risk of Legionella are both high priorities for healthcare estates managers and Water Safety Groups (WSGs) to ensure the safety of patients once they are admitted to a healthcare facility.

Developing an understanding of L. pneumophila

For healthcare estates managers and healthcare engineers, HTM 04-01: Safe Water in Healthcare Premises1 is a fundamental piece of guidance that must be adhered to when working with the wider Operations teams – for example so that the latter can adapt dormant spaces to be safe to accommodate vulnerable patients. 

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