COVER STORY: Selecting the right filter for the right outlet

T-safe, the Danish-headquartered point-of-use filter manufacturer, has launched a new initiative entitled ‘The Right Filter for the Right Outlet’, aimed at guiding NHS estates personnel through the key considerations for selecting suitable POU filters to overcome compatibility challenges which can impact waterborne pathogen infection prevention and control.

The company said: “The myriad of tap outlet and basin styles used in healthcare facilities presents a real challenge to installing suitable and compatible filters in a timely manner in response to water safety emergencies. This can result in:

  • a delay in filters being installed – exposing patients to unnecessary risk.
  • installation of filters that impede tap outlet usability, such as effective handwashing.
  • incompatibility that reduces the efficacy of the filter as a control measure, by breaching the air gap or increasing splashing risk. 

“A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to installing filters is not a practical or effective solution.” To address this, T-safe has developed a range of tap filters, each with specific tap compatibility criteria, and bespoke adapters, that enables NHS estates teams to choose the right filter for the right outlet – ‘putting end-user safety and compliance first’. 

This range includes:

  • Medical Tap Filter Side Mount 31 & 92 Day – designed for shallow basins and infra-red operated taps.
  • Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position 31 & 92 Day – designed for clinical washstations and basins incorporating anti-splash features. 

T-safe says choosing the ‘right filter for the right tap outlet’ is a critical consideration, as compatibility significantly impacts a filter’s performance, the outlet usability, and how end-users interact with it. To aid the selection of suitable tap filters, T-safe offers a free-to-use guide, complete with a compatibility quick reference table, incorporating all major tap brands.

MD, Stephen McCreanor, said: “At T-safe we recognise and understand the complexities, risks, and nuances associated with water safety in highrisk healthcare environments. When designing this new range of products, our goal was to provide practical solutions that not only optimise outlet usability and end-user experience, but crucially, products that are complementary to wider infection prevention and control practices.”

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