‘Advanced’ new bedpan washer-disinfectors launched

DDC Dolphin has unveiled new versions of its Panamatic Maxi and Optima 3 bedpan washers.

The new Maxi now has an extra urine bottle spigot, boosting its capacity by 20%, reduces energy consumption per item by 20%, and cuts water consumption per item by 20%. Both the Maxi and the Optima 3 now feature a new plastic front (and decal), with antimicrobial protection to help prevent cross-infection, and a new ultrasonic sensor replacing the previous foot pedal. DDC Dolphin says this ‘removes the risk of a dirt trap’ – making the machines easier to clean. Aesthetic enhancements also include new round, illuminated buttons, which ‘complement the smart new styling’.

The Panamatic Maxi (pictured) is now one of DDC Dolphin’s highest-capacity bedpan washer disinfectors, matching that of the Optima 3. Its ‘extra-large’ wash chamber ‘can cope with the demands of busy wards, high-dependency units, or nursing-level care settings’, and can disinfect up to six items in a cycle that lasts from seven minutes.

The Panamatic Optima 3, meanwhile, offers ‘significant capacity within a compact frame’, can accommodating up to six items, including two large bowls. A cold rinse and hot pre-wash at the start of each cycle ensure that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned, before being thermally disinfected.

This latest launch comes just months after DDC Dolphin unveiled its newly updated Panamatic Midi bedpan washer-disinfector, which is reportedly 33% more energy- and water-efficient than its predecessor. The new Panamatic Midi also has even more antimicrobial protection, with its protected touch area 2.5 times larger than on the previous model.

Polygiene antimicrobial protection reduces the growth of Campylobacter, E.coli, Listeria, MRSA, Pseudomonas, and Salmonella by up to 99.99%. It is tested to ISO 22196:2011.

This antimicrobial protection is used on all of DDC Dolphin’s newly updated Panamatic bedpan washer disinfectors.

DDC Dolphin Marketing and HR director, Zoe Allen, said: “The previous Panamatic Maxi, Optima 3, and Midi were all at the leading edge of sluice room technology – and these latest improvements have now taken them all to a new level.”


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