COVER STORY: Complementary design for a ‘unified hygienic finish’

In healthcare environments, where hygiene is critical, the design and finish of each surface matters. Trovex’s integrated product design approach encapsulates this, providing a suite of solutions that bolster hygiene standards and practicality.

The Trovex concept ward illustration features five key solutions: Hygidoor, Diamond wall cladding, Resilience wall protection, Hygipod IPS, and Hygipod MSU. There’s a closer look at each on the back cover.

Each product has been designed to complement the others, culminating in a unified hygienic finish. The ease with which these products – all of which are designed and manufactured in the UK – can be installed, and subsequently maintained, is a fundamental aspect of their development.

  • Hygidoor is a fire-rated doorset that is entirely PVC encapsulated, with a flush triple glazed vision panel, robust core, and thermoformed edges, and is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Diamond PVC wall cladding is a complete system that includes trim, sealants, weld rod, and more. Smooth and hygienic, it is easy to clean and durable. Diamond PVC is the same PVC used across Trovex’s smooth finish Hygidoor, Hygipod IPS, and MSU range of products.
  • Resilience wall protection is lightly textured PVC sheet that offers enhanced durability to impact, and is commonly used on Hygidoor.
  • Hygipod IPS is a pre-plumbed and modular integrated plumbing system available in washhand basin, sluice, scrub, shower, and other configurations for use across the healthcare estate. Hygienic in design with thermoformed corners, with hinged and lockable doors for ease of installation and maintenance, the system is a leading IPS solution.
  •  Hygipod MSU is a vertical bedhead trunking unit that provides power, data, nurse call, and more services to the patient’s bed side. When combined with Hygipod Vent, it consolidates ward ventilation with bedside services – an innovative approach.

All products are available in over 45 colours and finishes, including woodgrain.

Through the provision of a single, consistent hygienic finish across all its products, Trovex demonstrates an understanding of the healthcare estate’s unique needs. The product family is not only designed to enhance visually, but also to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and durability.

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