Renewable energy microgrid for US paediatric hospital

In this article, Walt Vernon, CEO of global engineering design and consulting firm, Mazzetti, and 2nd Vice-President of the IFHE, reports on work being undertaken at Valley Children’s Hospital in Central California which should see it become the US’s first Net Zero paediatric hospital campus, with contributions from the hospital’s Vice-President of Innovation, Ratan Milevoj.

Valley Children’s Healthcare, a pre-eminent paediatric care provider in Central California, is on a pioneering path to become the first Net Zero paediatric hospital campus in the United States. This ambitious project, a collaboration with Mazzetti, aims to establish the largest paediatric healthcare renewable energy microgrid in the country, marking a significant stride towards sustainable healthcare.

The genesis of this groundbreaking initiative was driven by the need for creating resilience with the hospital’s ageing infrastructure, mitigating the risks associated with utility-level power outages due to fires in the region, and achieving energy independence. This was coupled with an intent to curtail operational costs. The collaboration between Valley Children’s and Mazzetti led to the development of an Energy Strategy, addressing both current and future energy requirements. The plan culminated in the selection of a microgrid system that balanced resilience with sustainability, financial viability, and scalability 

Commitment to reliable services

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