Efficient and easy-to-use cleaning devices join Truvox portfolio

Southampton-based Truvox International has signed an agreement with Eindhoven-based i-Team Professional to bring two of its products to the UK cleaning and FM market under the Truvox brand.

Joining the Truvox line-up are imop Lite and the i-scrub 21B cordless power scrubber. i-Team Professional Regional Ambassador UK, Ireland & Benelux, Thijs Stolwijk, explained: “i-Team Professional BV has entered into an OEM partnership with Truvox International, a subsidiary of Tacony Corporation, headquartered in Southampton. A key industry challenge is a shortage of labour, and by adding these two products to the Truvox portfolio, operators can change from manual to mechanical floor cleaning, for increased productivity and savings in chemical costs.”

Truvox International Executive director, Gordon McVean, said: “The new imop Lite and i-scrub 21B are ideal for cleaning small and occupied spaces, and perfectly complement our existing floorcare ranges. From scrubber dryers such as the Multiwash PRO range, to vacuum cleaners such as the VTVe and Valet Dual Motor, our machines are renowned and respected for being easy to use, efficient and reliable.  We look forward to introducing these new floorcare solutions to existing and new customers, and to demonstrating their effectiveness at our newly opened showroom at Hedge End.”

Reportedly easy to operate, the imop Lite ‘offers the manoeuvrability of a mop with the power of a scrubber, delivering fast, efficient, mechanised cleaning in areas that up until now could only be done by hand’. Its lightweight and smaller profile allows it to be quickly deployed to isolated areas, and lets operators work on multiple levels, even in the tightest spaces. Truvox said: “The unique design of the imop Lite puts more weight into the brushes, and – combined with its powerful battery-driven motor -- this results in more cleaning power than any auto-scrubber in its class.”

Meanwhile, Truvox says, the i-scrub 21B is ‘a versatile cordless power scrubber which features double-disc action, while the adjustable head can rotate in 360°, and is so flexible that it can clean at any angle – horizontal or vertical’. The i-scrub 21B is equipped with two brush heads, for higher mechanical power, and cleaning narrow gaps in sturdy areas. The in-height adjustable telescopic wand is easily controlled at the grip, as all operator actions, switches, and controls, are centralised and within fingertip reach’.





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