Tap range ‘encourages hygiene, water conservation, and cost savings’

With rising water consumption, a growing population, and climate change, water conservation is becoming ever more pressing and – says Cistermiser – by 2050, Britain will require an additional 2.7 billion litres of water each day just to keep the taps running.

Cistermiser’s smart solution to the issue – the Vecta+ infrared tap range – is designed ‘to curb excess water flow and deliver significant financial savings for customers’.

The Vecta+ series combines infrared technology and practical design ‘for a touchless, hygienic experience’. The supplier said: “Versatile in power options, these sensor taps can operate via mains or batteries, accommodating a range of environments. Ideal for both retrofitting and new installations, Vecta+ infrared taps enhance hygiene, curb the spread of germs, and embody efficiency. With an intelligent safety shut-off after 60 seconds of continuous use, they prevent water wastage or potential flooding.”

The range features the Vecta+ Sensor Tap, a deck-mounted single supply basin tap, and Vecta+ Sensor Spout, designed for wall or panel installation. Both include an external solenoid for straightforward maintenance. The Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Tap has a side-mounted control for temperature adjustment. All models have flow restrictors, designed without aeration, ‘making them ideal for environments requiring heightened hygiene, such as healthcare and care home settings’.

Easy to install, each tap in the range has a sleek, contemporary design with intelligent electronics to protect against vandalism and misuse. Complying with water regulation standards and supporting ‘eco-friendly building schemes’ like BREEAM, the taps are equipped with a flow regulator that limits the flow to 3.5 litres per minute (lpm) by default, with an alternative 5 lpm flow regulator in the box.


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