More antimicrobial protection for bedpan washer-disinfectors

Infection prevention specialist, DDC Dolphin, has added more antimicrobial protection to some of its advanced bedpan washer-disinfectors.

The company’s Panamatic Midi, Maxi, Optima 2, and Optima 3 bedpan washers have all had recent updates to further enhance their performance and economy. The updates include more antimicrobial protection for the:

  • New Midi (see photo): The protected touch area is 2.5 times larger than on the previous model. The lid and front panel now have antimicrobial protection. Previously it was just in the lid.
  • New Maxi: Now with antimicrobial protection (front panel and decals).
  • New Optima 2: Antimicrobial protection is now in the front panel and lid, making the protected area 2.5 times bigger. Previously this protection was just in the lid.
  • New Optima 3: Now with antimicrobial protection (front panel and decals).

DDC Dolphin specifies award-winning Biomaster antimicrobial protection – moulded into the plastics used in their manufacture – for its bedpan washer-disinfectors and medical pulp macerators. It explained: “Biomaster is a world leader in the use of silver-ion technology to combat infections. Silver has long been known for its natural antibacterial properties. The silver ions work at a cellular level, disrupting the DNA of bacteria. This stops them from growing or replicating, so they die. Silver ions – though primarily effective against bacteria – can also combat the spread of viruses such as Norovirus and COVID-19. Silver is inorganic and non-leaching so – unlike organic antibacterial technologies – it remains within the item to which it has been added.”

DDC Dolphin Marketing and HR director, Zoe Allen said: “We’ve been building antimicrobial protection into our sluice room equipment for many years. Our latest series of upgrades has given us the opportunity to increase this powerful protection – benefiting hospitals and care homes all over the world.”

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