Wireless access control highlighted in RIBA-approved CPD training programme

Security and access control solutions provider, Abloy UK, has launched a new RIBA- approved CPD training programme focused on wireless access control.

It says the initiative aims to provide architects and building professionals with ‘comprehensive knowledge and insights into the latest advancements in security technology’. Abloy UK explained: “The comprehensive CPD training programme addresses the increasing demand for wireless access control solutions. Drawing insights from the latest industry research, including the annual Wireless Access Control Report, the course explores the benefits and applications of wireless technology in modern security infrastructure.”

The launch of this RIBA-approved CPD is the latest addition to courses offered by Abloy’s ‘renowned’ Academy. Among key learning outcomes attendees can take from it include an overview of wireless locking basic principles and architecture, and how having an integrated online system offers a multitude of benefits.

Abloy UK said: “For example, wireless access control is a credible, cost-effective, and compliant alternative to a wired solution, and can help meet environmental objectives. It can also be the answer for tricky-to-wire doors, and can integrate seamlessly into current access solutions. Other key topics include how these solutions can reduce installation time and costs, and how they positively impact the working environment, as well as streamlining operations.”

The training examines the integration of wireless technology into existing access solutions and organisational systems, illustrating compatibility with current infrastructure, and creating safer and more efficient environments. The CPD also offers examples for sector-specific applications too – including healthcare, education, commercial environments, offices, and corporate headquarters, and entertainment and sports arenas.

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