Webinar to focus on healthcare sector fire safety compliance

A free-to-attend webinar being held by Honeywell in association with Health Estate Journal on 17 July will aim to make sure that healthcare estates personnel are clear on their responsibilities in ensuring fire compliance across their estate.

Titled ‘Digitising fire safety compliance in healthcare estates’, and taking place at 11.00 am, the webinar will be presented by Tom Ford, Honeywell National Business Development Manager – Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS), in the UK & Ireland. Alongside highlighting the key steps that healthcare estates personnel need to take to comply with and indeed exceed, the stipulations in guidance and regulations, Tom Ford will explain how Honeywell Self-Test’s multi-award-winning technology is digitising and automating fire system testing and maintenance.

Honeywell said: “Fire systems require testing, inspection, and maintenance, to continue functioning effectively, with smoke detectors needing annual functional testing and inspection. However, this process can be disruptive, requiring both access to every room across a healthcare site and meticulous manual recording. As a result, the process may result in inaccuracies and some detectors being missed.”

Honeywell says its ‘ground-breaking’ Self-Test technology and Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) app are ‘paving the way for digitising fire system testing and maintenance’ – creating audit trails that allow users to prove that their sub-contractor has completed a full functional test of the fire system. The company says this not only helps service-providers and estate owners save time on site, but also provides real-time updates on the performance, testing, and overall compliance of fire safety systems with local fire safety codes.

Honeywell explains: “Self-test technology automates the process without causing the disruption manual testing brings with it, including requiring access to sensitive areas, such as operating theatres and low immunity wards. Self-test has already started to transform fire maintenance within healthcare buildings, and has seen the functional testing of all smoke detectors in a hospital completed in under 35 minutes. With healthcare estates incorporating large and complex buildings, self-test technology offers an effective and future-proof solution.”

For the past two years, Tom Ford has worked with Honeywell partner companies to raise awareness of CLSS and support its development. In doing so, he has become a leading voice on SaaS (software as a service) within the life safety sector. A member of the Fire Detection & Alarm Council, he has a strong focus on supporting the ‘IoT (Internet of Things) transformation’ in the fire industry.

To register for the webinar, visit : https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4924849360087533150?source=website



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