'Breakthrough’ UV-C disinfection technology’s successful trials

UV Smart, a specialist in ‘next-generation’ disinfection technology, is setting its sights on the UK healthcare sector, following a successful trial in the NHS and ‘ strong take-up’ in the global healthcare market for its UV solutions to decontaminate medical devices and equipment.

Already in ‘advanced talks’ with several NHS Trusts following a successful UK pilot, UV Smart has reportedly undertaken a number of successful pilots across the world. Its medically-certified UV-C disinfection chambers have been installed in hospitals across the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, France, Germany, Croatia, and the Middle East.  The disinfection chambers use ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA or RNA of microorganisms – including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  It says its technology can disinfect critical and non-critical equipment ‘significantly faster than traditional methods’. The company explained: “Unlike other disinfection methods, UV Smart’s technology doesn’t need harsh chemicals, and reduces the risk of human error, enabling greater infection control, and less wear and tear on valuable medical tools.”

Co-founder, Daan Hoek, said: “Through effectively disinfecting reusable medical devices and equipment, our ground-breaking technology has been designed to increase operational efficiencies, enhance patient safety, decrease waiting times, and reduce reliance on single use products.”

In the NHS trial, which saw UV-C technology used to clean endoscopes in a healthcare setting, the use of the disinfection chamber ‘considerably shortened’ the decontamination process to just 60 seconds.

UVC Smart says the ongoing trial is also set to save 1,000 litres of chemicals and 5,000 litres of water, one million watts of energy, and 6,000 kg of carbon, within a year.


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