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For over 80 years, ROCKWOOL has formed countless, enduring partnerships in healthcare sectors across Europe, providing the most relevant, adaptable, highest-quality stone wool insulation solutions. ROCKWOOL works closely with the healthcare sector to ensure patient safety and wellbeing, whilst still allowing for cost-effective construction. In recent years, ROCKWOOL has supported several NHS trusts and healthcare providers by improving acoustics and thermal performance and facilitating compliance to relevant standards, such as BS EN 13501-1 and HBN-0010.

There is a ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation solution for every application in healthcare construction, including:

  • Internal wall solutions
  • Façade & external wall solutions
  • Fire stopping solutions
  • HVAC solutions
  • Roof solutions

Created from volcanic rock, ROCKWOOL insulation is naturally sustainable and durable. ROCKWOOL insulation will save around 100 times more carbon dioxide in its lifetime than the amount emitted during its production. It is an ideal insulation for healthcare premises as it does not produce any significant toxic smoke, helping to protect vulnerable patients and staff.

ROCKWOOL products will perform comfortably for decades, and the composition of stone wool insulation allows for infinite recycling at our dedicated Bridgend plant, turning waste material into new ROCKWOOL products rather than adding to landfill. This circularity will assist the healthcare sector in reducing environmental impact without slowing growth or innovation.





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