Trapped finger issue addressed

Door hinges, and small fingers getting trapped in them, continue to pose a health and safety issue in many sectors.

Such scenarios could, however, soon become less frequent, with Intastop’s launch of a finger safety hinge which should prevent fingers being caught in the hinge opening side of the door. 

Intastop explained: “The unique continuous geared mechanism allows door hinges to rotate smoothly without creating the typical gap where small fingers can fit.” 

Alongside its safety benefits, the Finger Safety Hinge is impact-resistant, and ‘discreet enough to be aesthetically pleasing’. Intastop added: “Performance tested to 1.5 million cycles, it is robust enough to support any level of usage, and guaranteed to last the door’s lifetime. This makes it commercially viable in comparison to traditional (knuckle) hinges, which may require regular replacement in heavy traffic areas. Little or no maintenance is required, due to the even weight distribution of the door in comparison to alternative hinges, where the weight is centred in certain points.”

The Finger Safety Hinge is fire tested to BS476: Part 20 & 22 for 30 minutes.



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