Expansion tank-related Legionella threats

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Pressure tank and water treatment product specialist, Global Water Solutions, says it can offer a simple way to eliminate the threat of Legionella proliferation posed by expansion tanks in hospital plant rooms being connected to hot water cylinders or booster sets by simple ‘T’ fittings, which can result in deadlegs.

It explained: “Hot and cold water booster use is very common within healthcare facilities. Many systems are equipped with an expansion tank used to take up the expansion of heated water, or to protect the booster pumps during normal cold water supply, normally installed close to the hot water cylinder or booster set. Connection is typically by a simple ‘T’ fitting, which can lead to deadlegs, and subsequent Legionella growth

“The simplest way to remove this threat is to replace the tank with one of our new FlowThru expansion tanks, which have a built-in device that forces water from the main water supply pipe into the expansion tank water chamber. “The water is then mixed and returned to the main water supply via a low pressure outlet, facilitating a consistent circulation of fresh water through the tank, which eliminates stagnation.” 

‘Comprehensive test results’ showing the efficiency of the water exchange are available on request.

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