Ceiling supply unit ‘a perfect solution for changing needs’

Getinge says its new Maquet Moduevo Bridge is ‘a cost-effective, space-saving’ horizontal ceiling supply unit designed ‘to accommodate architectural constraints’, enhance patient / medical staff interaction, and ‘foster a healing environment'.

The company said: “The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply range ensures that vital utilities and equipment are easy to implement and use, and enables better organisation of resources. The aim is to help hospital staff increase productivity, and consequently decrease costs. The newest model, Maquet Moduevo Bridge, is designed to enhance provider-patient interactions at all acuity levels by keeping everything nearby.

“With Maquet Moduevo Bridge, we are going horizontal,” explained Stephane Tabillon, Product manager at Getinge. “The system is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, and can handle large units, since they can be placed next to each other. It’s a perfect solution for changing needs, since it allows hospital staff to easily add or remove equipment for positioning, holding, and storage.  It is also suitable for rooms without windows, since a newly developed Somnus light provides innovative daylight simulation.” The Somnus light starts at 7 am with bluish tones to simulate the morning light, and ends at 9 pm with reddish tones to represent evening light.

Up to six ambient lighting colours can be integrated into Maquet Moduevo Bridge, which Getinge says ‘creates a peaceful and healing environment for patients, families, and medical staff.” The unit also facilitates medical examination and small surgical procedures, with an optional surgical light adapter allowing connection of Getinge’s Maquet Lucea or Maquet Volista Access. Medical staff also have ‘immediate and unrestricted access’ to the bedhead – for example to perform intervention such as intubation, suction, or vascular procedures.

The Getinge R&D team has also have also aimed at minimising disturbing noises. “Maquet Moduevo Bridge comes with quiet electromagnetic brakes,” explained Stephane Tabillon, “while when patient admission numbers are high, the unit can serve two beds, rather than just one.”


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