Streamlining stock control in non-acute settings

James Minards, Country Sales manager for the UK and Ireland at healthcare business and data automation company, GHX, discusses the use of digital inventory management systems to improve stock control and the procurement of a variety of key items used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and the time, cost-saving, and efficiency benefits the technology can bring.

Unlike the traditional challenges of winter ‘flu season, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a spike in demand for medical grade PPE that extended to non-acute medical settings as well as traditional hospitals. From GPs’ surgeries and outpatient services through to care homes and vaccination centres, these settings were, at times, short of the protective equipment they needed due to supply issues and supply chain management inefficiencies. In the future, if we are to avoid the PPE shortages which characterised the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, non-acute settings such as the aforementioned need to adopt a supply chain system that puts ease, speed, and efficiency at its core. 

In recent years, digitalisation has transformed hospital supply chains to make them more resilient and more efficient in both inventory management and requisitioning. For non-acute settings, this digital approach might provide the answer.

Non-acute settings being overlooked

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