A complex installation at Buenos Aires hospital

Maria Julia Souto of AFS Arquitectos in Buenos Aires, Argentina, discusses the challenges of integrating sophisticated information management technology in prefabricated modular operating theatres at the city’s Hospital Alemán.

Global medical practice is constantly changing, partly due to the greater availability of information supplied by new technologies, which in turn improves the precision of medical care, and enables its delivery in a more personalised way

Information management technologies supporting health data control are a feature within the surgical set-up at Hospital Alemán in Argentina, where a new information system is being established to integrate the local Health Centre’s care areas. Hospital Alemán was established in the 19th century as a free care centre for German expats and their descendants

Another key project feature are new prefabricated construction technologies used in the development of modular operating theatres, with considerable design flexibility built in. The result has been the construction of multifunctional and surgically sterile spaces, with a pleasant atmosphere, excellent durability, and ease of operation.

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