'Revolutionising community services’ in Greater Manchester

The Gorton Hub, in Gorton, Greater Manchester – which brings together primary and community healthcare, pharmacy services, and key public services such as a library, job centre, and adult education services, has celebrated its official opening.

Designed by Arcadis, and the first of its kind in Greater Manchester, the new facility is expected to serve as a model for future schemes seeking to integrate public services in a seamless, efficient manner. The Gorton Hub is a unique concept that combines primary and community healthcare, pharmacy services, and key public services such as a library, job centre, and adult education services. Arcadis said: “This co-location and integration of services aim to provide a convenient and accessible one-stop destination for community members. However, the birth of the Gorton Hub was driven not only by convenience, but also by the recognition that these services are intricately linked to the social determinants of health. By providing streamlined and integrated services at the heart of the community, the Hub aims to improve early interventions and alleviate pressure on acute health and care settings.”

Arcadis continued: “The purpose-built accessible development of the Gorton Hub reflects the commitment of Manchester City Council and stakeholders to create an integrated community services centre in an area of east Manchester facing significant deprivation. Through stakeholder engagement, the project achieved notable capital efficiency savings of 18%, and optimised spatial layout for shared multiple use. The Hub’s impact is expected to improve health outcomes, community resilience, wellbeing, and skills and learning for employment.”

One of the key features is the Hub’s intentional internal layout and space allocation, which encourages communication and collaborative working among multiple service-providers. The Hub also facilitates flexible working methods – including mobile working and hot desking, making it adaptable to future changes in community requirements.

Located in Gorton District Centre, the Gorton Hub is ‘a landmark building’ that fronts both A57 Hyde Road, a major arterial route in and out of Manchester City Centre, and Garrett Way. The building’s design includes landscaped external spaces that welcome visitors and guide them towards the two public entrances, creating a desire line that encourages the local community to access the public services within the Hub.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a large, triple-height atrium space that serves as a central gathering place and provides a clear orientation to the various public services available. The atrium is designed with perimeter glazed screens to maximize transparency and connectivity between the different activity and meeting spaces. Natural light and ventilation flood the atrium space through north-facing clerestory windows and roof lights.

Tim Kilpatrick, Architect – Associate Director at Arcadis, said: “The Gorton Hub is poised to revolutionise the delivery of local health and municipal services, setting a new standard for integrated community services and improving the overall quality of life for the residents of Greater Manchester. At Arcadis, we’re proud to be working on such an important project for the community.”


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