Low-temperature steriliser addresses rise in endoscopic and robotic procedures

Getinge says its new Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2) low-temperature steriliser, Poladus 150, operates ‘within a gentle temperature of up to 55°C’, ensuring that non-lumen, flexible lumen, and rigid lumen instruments, are ready for the next surgery.

Stéphane Le Roy, President of Surgical Workflows, said:. “Today marks a significant milestone for our Infection Control business. The Poladus 150 materialises our ambition to be a leading player in the field of VH2O2 low-temperature sterilisation – one of the most dynamic segments, with the development of more and more advanced endoscopic and robotic procedures. This product launch is a great addition to our portfolio for Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSDs).”

The newcomer is claimed to ‘set new standards’ in sterile reprocessing. Sophia Brüggemann, Product manager at Getinge, explained: “It offers competitive sterilisation and capacity, ensuring a safe and effective way of reprocessing both flexible and rigid instruments used in endoscopy and surgical operations.”

The system’s Cross-Contamination Barrier (CCB) design ensures separate air flows in different zones, reportedly preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Sophia Brüggemann added: “We have prioritised operator wellbeing and efficiency, with features like a comfortable loading height, automated bottle hatch, foot switch for hands-free operation, and an RFID reader for seamless user identification. The Poladus 150 is designed to be a high performer to ensure a seamless workflow for hospitals. Its rapid pre-heating time, large chamber capacity, and dimensions, are tailored for the stringent demands of CSSD environments.”

Connectivity and instrument traceability are also key features. The new VHP steriliser connects with FleetView, a device lifecycle management tool, and with T-DOC, Getinge’s sterile supply management software. Getinge said: “This integration streamlines hospital device management, allowing instrument tracking with ease.”

To complement the Poladus 150, Getinge will offer a wide range of low-temperature consumables, including H2O2 sterilant, biological and chemical indicators, VH2O2 tape, and Tyvek rolls and pouches.


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