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For 125 years, schülke has been a leading force in infection control.

Schülke is a chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer whose products and services protect people and materials against infections and contamination.

Their product ranges offer solutions across the application areas of surfaces, instruments and hand hygiene, including the well known brand names gigasept®, gigazyme®, terralin®, octenisan® and desderman®

Schülke is a specialist in the cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other surgical instruments.

Gigasept® Once can be used a wide range of Automated Endoscope Reprocessors, including Labcaire and Partners for Endoscopy, whilst thermosept® PAA has been specifically developed for use in BHT AERs.

schulke also offer a range of CPD accredited training packages, through a comprehensive selection of training delivery methods, from in house team training, to lunch and learn sessions and online tutorials.


Products & Services:

• Schülke disinfectants for automated disinfection of endoscopes and other surgical instruments

• Schülke enzymatic detergents for manual pre cleaning.

• Schülke liquids and wipes for surface disinfection

• Schülke alcohol rubs/gels for hand disinfection

• Schülke hand wash & lotions for effective hand care

• Schülke anti microbial hair & body wash

• Schülke wound care

• Technical support services

• Schülke Forum seminar days