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Hospitals are fast-paced environments due to the hundreds and thousands of patients being assisted daily. With this comes challenges that could impact the security, safety, and health of both patients and staff. To provide optimum patient care, it is crucial for healthcare facilities to incorporate the use of innovative technologies to create more secure and efficient processes.

Controlling access is a particularly troublesome area for hospital security managers as staff usually require a higher priority on being able to move through the hospital quickly in an emergency. By integrating into existing access control systems, Traka systems ensure sensitive keys or assets do not leave the site or get into the wrong hands. This also ensures drug issuing is strictly monitored and controlled, two crucial steps in maintaining health, safety, and security standards within the healthcare sector.

Traka’s range of key and equipment management systems control, manage, and audit the use of assets so that downtime is reduced, staff are held accountable and restricted access can be preserved by assigning each user selected access rights. This efficient work process enables NHS staff and key workers such as facilities team members and clinical staff members to have instant access to crucial mobile equipment to ensure operations run smoothly.

This technology has great potential to improve how the NHS operates, making the work lives of our staff more sustainable and encouraging care concerning measurements for the well-being, health, and safety of staff and patients. This all comes together to enable staff members to focus on their roles and spend more time with their patients and less time on administrative tasks.

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