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RYNA MEDICAL UK LIMITED specialises in providing high quality products, services and customer satisfaction. We are trusted by our customers and our clientele base continues to grow on a regular basis

Working together with a carefully selected group of partners, Ryna Medical UK Limited is able to offer a wide range of products for the Operating Theatre, ITU, CCU and related departments to include the latest generation high quality Dr Mach LED Operating Lights, Operating Tables, Patient Trolleys, Equipment Trolleys, Medical Supply Pendants, Examination Lights, Mobile Lights, Diathermy Machines, Smoke Evacuation Machines, Medical Lasers and many other related products such as Patient Positioners and Sterile Single Use Operating Light Handle Covers.

Ryna Medical UK Limited is the sole UK distributor for the majority of the products that we supply and we look forward to working with you on your project, whether this be for single products or a full turnkey solution.


Dr.Mach Medical Lighting + Technology 

Dr. Mach Germany has been setting standards in medical illumination technology for decades.

The new OT-light generation with LED technology supports the medical profession by innovative technology and design.

Some advantages of LED technology includes: adjustable light colour (MC models and Smart models only), a life-span of minimum 50.000 hours and an almost nonexistent heat development in the surgeon’s head area and in the wound field.

Many key advantages that were already provided by Dr. Mach’s operating light technology with halogen and gas discharge lamps have been maintained: natural colour reproduction, exact illumination of the wound field and easy positioning of the light head.

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**NEW Mach LED 8MC Operating Lights 

Close to perfect colour rendition. The latest addition to the Dr Mach range of LED Operating Lights.

With colour rendering indexes Ra = 98 and R9 (red) = 99 the surgeon can clearly recognize the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue and thus a close to perfect image. For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. R9 (red) = 99 means for the surgeon, a visibly better recognition of details. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast. The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.

Outstanding depth illumination

One of the highlights of the new LED8 is the cascade system. Different lens types are used in this system. These lenses have their focusing at 70, 100 and 130 cm. With this technology, a vertical focusing of the light beam throughout the depth of the wound canal can be achieved. As a result of this, there is no longer the urgent necessity to manually adjust the operation light field at the operating site.

Large focussing range

The light field can be focused by turning the handle.
The focusable light beam allows a punctual illumination of the deepest wound channels with high intensity and an exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of the surgical requirements.
The focusing is achieved by means of both a mechanical (optional) and electronic adjustment. The brightness of the light field remains constant.

Antibacterial coating

To improve hygiene in the OR to a maximum, the operating lights of the new generation have a closed, easy-to-clean surface. In addition, they have an antimicrobial coating, which prevents the growth of microorganisms and thus helps to avoid infections.

Photobiological safety

The photobiological safety standard DIN EN62471 is met and so there is no risk to the human eye even during very long and intensive use of the OT light.

Ideal flow properties

During development special attention was paid to ensure the high performance of the new LED OT-lights in UCV / Laminar-flow ceiling systems.

Automatic shadow management

A further innovation is the enhanced shadow management, which is rendered possible by numerous sensors in the light. Any cluster that has its light disturbed by the surgeon is automatically turned off. At the same time, the other light clusters increase intensity in order to compensate for the shadow. Even with the surgeon continuously changing position, the light field remains homogeneously illuminated, without the need for manual adjustment of the light.

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