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DELABIE is Europe’s leading manufacturer of water controls for commercial and public environments with over 30 years’ experience of providing innovative, hygienic and sustainable solutions for education, healthcare and highly frequented places. DELABIE also offers a complete range of equipment to meet the specific needs of all users, regardless of age or level of independence.

Securitherm Sequential wall-mounted mixer tap

DELABIE's SECURITHERM Sequential thermostatic mixer has been specifically designed for the healthcare sector. The same lateral movement controls the flow of water and adjusts the temperature. Opening with cold, potable water, without any passage of hot water, the user is not exposed to hot water. Once full flow rate is achieved and hot water is introduced, the thermostatic sequential cartridge provides progressive and stable temperature control, regardless of pressure variations in the system. To further reduce the risk of scalding, our Sequential mixers are fitted with a maximum temperature limiter which the user is unable to override. The anti-scalding failsafe also ensures that the hot water shuts off if the cold water supply fails (and vice versa).

DELABIE has developed a unique system that enables sequential thermostatic mixers to close the Hot and Cold water directly at the inlets, thus making non-return valves redundant as the risk of cross flow is completely eliminated. 

The SECURITHERM Sequential mixer is specifically designed to reduce bacterial development. It is supplied with two removable spouts to ensure continuity of use during cleaning/disinfection. The inside of the mixer's body and spout are completely smooth, reducing biofilm attachment. The interior is also designed to reduce the volume of standing water. 

Find out more about DELABIE's solutions for infection control and anti-scalding safety here

Biofil threaded shower head

DELABIE has developed the BIOFIL range of single use water filters incorporating cartridges, shower heads and spouts. Each BIOFIL filter incorporates a hollow fibre membrane with a water filtration threshold of 0.1 microns absolute-rated. They deliver water free from microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, fungi, particles in water systems, etc.), without changing its chemical composition.

Biosafe EP mixer tap

The BIOSAFE EP range of mixers feature a pressure-balancing cartridge which compensates for unavoidable variations in pressure in the system (e.g. draw off at other outlets in the system) ensuring that the water temperature at the outlet remains constant. If the Cold water supply fails, the Hot water flow rate is reduced, removing the risk of scalding. A maximum temperature limiter ensures that the user cannot increase the temperature above the maximum temperature set, reducing the risk of scalding. 

DELABIE's BIOSAFE mixer has no spout. The outlet is integrated directly into the mixer body, eliminating the area that is highly susceptible to bacterial development. Made from Hostaform®, its smooth internal surfaces provide nowhere for bacteria or scale to adhere.

EP mixer with retracting hand spray

The SECURITHERM EP mixer with retracting hand spray is ideal for healthcare applications. The pressure-balancing cartridge provides a stable mixed water temperature regardless of pressure variations, and the hot water flow rate is reduced if the cold water fails. A maximum temperature limiter reduces the risk of scalding and Securitouch insulation maintains the mixer body at an ambient temperature.

The body and flexible shower hose have smooth interiors which reduce biofilm build-up, and the flexible hose has a smooth exterior to facilitate cleaning. The mixer is designed to minimise the water volume and limit bacterial development.

The retracting hand spray has 2 jet options - flow straightener or rain effect, and a choice of solid or Hygiene control lever which can be operated by the fist or elbow to reduce manual contact and minimise the spread of germs.
The range also incorporates a thermostatic and mechanical version.

Surgical trough

Stainless steel is a prestigious, high quality material. It will withstand intensive use and frequent cleaning. DELABIE's stainless steel scrub-up trough is made from bacteriostatic 304 stainless steel. A thin, protective layer forms continuously when in contact with air or water. If the surface is damaged mechanically, the stainless steel is protected against corrosion. 

The surface remains bright, hard and smooth, preventing bacteria from adhering to the surface. Bacterial development is slower compared to other materials. The wall-mounted surgical scrub-up trough comes with a high upstand to protect the wall. Its smooth surfaces and rounded inside edges are easy to clean. 

Securitherm aluminium shower panel

DELABIE's shower panels for wall-mounted, exposed installation respond to the need for vandal-resistant products in public environments. Made from durable and resistant materials, they will withstand intensive use and vandalism. The mechanism and sensors are shock-resistant, the fixings are concealed and the streamlined design discourages attempts at vandalism.

The SECURITHERM aluminium shower panel is TMV3 approved with immediate hot water shut-off if the cold water supply fails, and vice versa. The single sequential control lever opens with cold water through to 39°C, with a maximum temperature limiter set at 39°C.

The ROUND shower head has a tamperproof, scale-resistant nozzle with automatic flow rate regulation set at 6 lpm at 3 bar.

DOC M Exposed shower pack

The DOC M Exposed shower pack incorporates all the necessary elements for an adapted washroom. The pack conforms to the DOC M recommendations with the objective that everyone can have easy access and maintain maximum independence in their every day life.

The pack incorporates a TMV3 approved SECURITHERM shower, a lift up seat and backrest. The grab bars are designed for an optimal grip and are spaced to prevent the forearm becoming trapped if the user falls. 

Tempomatic Bioclip electronic wall-mounted tap

DELABIE's mixer and taps are developed with infection control uppermost.  The TEMPOMATIC BIOCLIP electronic tap can be completely removed from its base for cleaning and disinfection without shutting off the water supply.

Water stagnation is a main cause of bacterial development in water systems. If a mixer or tap is used daily, there is a very low risk of bacterial proliferation. However, if there is no regular draw-off, water in the pipework is not renewed and bacteria develop. The TEMPOMATIC BIOCLIP electronic tap has an anti-bacterial duty flush. An automatic flush takes place for 60 seconds every 24 hours after the last use, ensuring water is drawn through the point-of-use.

Most electronic mixers or taps feature solenoid valves that are fitted with a rubber membrane behind which water is trapped and stagnates. DELABIE's solenoid valve is piston-operated and water is drained and renewed with every use. 



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