NTH Solutions launches ‘intelligent thermostat’ to help Trusts meet Net Zero carbon targets

As the NHS works towards being carbon-neutral by 2045, NTH Solutions, an NHS subsidiary of North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, has piloted an ‘intelligent thermostat’ – Coolnomix – that attaches to air-conditioning units to help improve their efficiency.

NTH says that using the system has seen it reduce its daily energy consumption by 33%, and it is now launching it across the UK, with the offer a free pilot, with ‘no fee and no obligation’, to other Trusts. It said: “Coolnomix can become an integral part of hospitals, improving air-conditioning units which are inherently inefficient in terms of energy, whether old or new. With its patented algorithm, Coolnomix will be available to the NHS through NTH Solutions in the UK, and can be attached to existing air-conditioning units, without the need for full replacements, to help reduce energy consumed and CO2 emitted.”

Coolnomix interacts with the compressor inside the air-conditioning unit, using temperature sensors to reduce the compressor’s run-time. NTH Solutions said: “An air-conditioning unit fitted with Coolnomix provides a noticeable reduction in carbon footprint and running costs, without compromising performance. Several pilots across various NHS Trusts have shown an immediate impact, and typically a 30% reduction in energy consumption, while with NTH NHS-owned, income can be reinvested into frontline patient care.”

Steve Taylor, head of Estates & Facilities at the Trust, said: “North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is no different to many others, with an ageing estate and limited capital funding, so this product caught our eye as a low-cost energy saving solution retrofittable to existing air conditioning plant. The energy savings made on our trial areas were surprising, and beyond our expectations. I think this is a great low-cost product that can help us on our journey to improve energy efficiency and achieve Net Zero carbon.”

The Coolnomix pilot managed by NTH Solutions engineers has been featured on the NHS England Futures website.

NTH Solutions explains that when Coolnomix is fitted, it is not switched on immediately, so it can monitor the user’s energy usage and set a benchmark. On being switched on, the device then shows the difference it is making in real time via readings provided on its app. With its patented energy regulating algorithm, Coolnomix ‘ensures no dip in performance, and does not interrupt service when fitted’.



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