Complete decontamination strategy for Midlands Trust

iM Med, discusses the importance of a strategic approach to continuous best practice – demonstrated by recent work for University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust which implemented a complete decontamination strategy.

The multi-faceted role of the electrical AE

Bill Reeves BEng, MSc, CEng, MIET, MIHEEM, Electrical Infrastructure and AE at Eta Projects, explains the value of the electrical AE, and outlines the extensive duties that the role demands in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

APPG meeting focused on challenges post-pandemic

Meeting ‘virtually’ on 23 November, members of the recently re-formed All-Party Parliamentary Group for Healthcare Infrastructure discussed how to ensure the UK’s healthcare infrastructure is fit for purpose for the future.

Guidance on ventilation revised and updated

At the Healthcare Estates conference, consulting engineer, Malcolm Thomas, the main author of the 2021 version of HTM 03-01, Specialist Ventilation for Healthcare Premises, explained the background to, and aims behind, the HTM’s revision.

Are we building the best hospitals for the future?

‘Do we know which hospital to build and why we’re doing it’ was a presentation by Stephen Wright, an independent consultant and Honorary Professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, at October’s Healthcare Estates conference.

Digital systems for accurate temperature monitoring

Craig Holmes at Dart Valley Systems, outlines a practical approach to the safe management of healthcare water systems to minimise the risk of Legionella colonisation, and in turn prevent patients from contracting Legionnaire’s disease.

How RO feedwater can boost boiler performance

Paul Godfrey, managing director at Puretech Water Systems (UK) considers the key benefits of reverse osmosis (RO) water as feedwater for boilers, and how its use in this context facilitates reducing boiler blowdown periods.

Overcoming key barriers to EFM knowledge-sharing

A team from the University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre (EDC) & Institute for Manufacturing is investigating how best to overcome barriers to sharing of best practice and know-how among NHS EFM professionals to the benefit of entire sector

Digitally enabled hospitals ‘are the future'

Managing director at Bender UK, Gareth Brunton, examines the advances in integrated theatre technology that are ‘led by the need for seamless communication and sharing of data and images’.

Designing for the health of coastal communities

Lianne Knotts, director of Medical Architecture, looks at the ways in which an integrated model of care can, and indeed has been, used to address the complex health needs of coastal towns.

Innovation, dedication, and expertise recognised

The presentation of the 2021 Healthcare Estates IHEEM Awards in nine categories took place in a special ceremony at end of the second day of this year’s event, with the proceedings streamed ‘live’ to a much wider audience.

Effective ICSs will require ‘inter-professional’ working

The opening day’s second keynote session at Healthcare Estates 2021 conference saw David Flory, take part in a ‘question and answer’ session with IHEEM CEO, Pete Sellars

New Hospital Programme’s ‘commercial philosophy’

Speaking in the opening keynote at last month’s ‘hybrid’ Healthcare Estates conference, Emma-Jane Houghton, England’s New Hospital Programme, gave a presentation entitled ‘An introduction to the New Hospital Programme’s Commercial Philosophy’.

Latin American group’s multi-purpose role explained

Discussion on the establishment of a ‘Continuously Functioning Thematic Network’ of representatives from the healthcare engineering and architecture sector from across Latin America.

Addressing ‘Unholy Trinity’ of Legionella threats

Three Australian professionals at the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, discuss addressing what they dub the ‘Unholy Trinity’ of factors that can lead to Legionella colonisation and spread.

Don’t put PFI contract expiry ‘on the back burner’

Paul Styler, ETL, and and Jackie Heeds, Freeths, explore and address some of the common themes that Trusts face with PFI contract expiry, and the additional issues that such organisations need to be aware of

Avoiding the catastrophic impact of power outages

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, which often operate continuously, access to a reliable power system is mission-critical. Facilities that are unprepared for outages could face catastrophic consequences including a very real risk to life

UPS technology advances and capabilities expand

Graeme Tucker, a director at Power Control, takes a look at recent developments in UPS technology, and the potential benefits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Seven key considerations for choosing a system

Ian Hill, Emergency Lighting Business manager at leading life safety system and equipment manufacturer, Hochiki Europe, highlights what he dubs ‘seven key considerations’ for choosing a hospital emergency lighting system.

‘Greener’ steam technology bridges the utilities gap

Craig Fleming, Aggreko Northern Europe, explores how healthcare facilities can meet existing demand for steam for a variety of uses harnessing new steam technology, and, in the process, bridge the gap to long-term solutions

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