Capturing data to improve patient flow and distancing

Arup explains how a team from the global engineering consultancy used digital modelling to model and test different capacity scenarios for London’s Whittington Health NHS Trust (Whittington) associated with social distancing requirements.

Minister stresses importance of ‘building back better'

Presenting at an ‘NHSE/NHSI Estates & Facilities Forum’ webinar, Minister of State for Health, Edward Argar, gave attendees at the event a ‘Health Infrastructure Plan Refresh’.

ProCure22 working delivered Nightingales in record time

A look at how ProCure22’s benefits – including collaborative working, quicker decision-making, and rapid response – were harnessed to great effect in the rapid transformation of non-medical buildings into fully four functional Nightingale hospitals

EFM community can ‘build on good will’ looking ahead

Edward Argar, Simon Corben, Prerana Issar, Sandra Easton, were among the speakers at a recent NHSE/NHSI ‘Estates Forum’ webinar held in conjunction with IHEEM.

Combating coronavirus using practical measures

Sarah Bailey MSc, WELL AP, QED Environmental Services in Australia, takes a look at the ‘basics’ of the coronavirus, and discusses some of the key steps that can be taken both within buildings,& in the wider community, to mitigate the virus’s spread

Survey suggests acceleration needed with Green Plans

In January this year HEJ conducted a survey on behalf of business utility and sustainability consultancy, Inenco. It sought to identify how far advanced NHS Trusts across England England were in developing and implementing a ‘Green Plan’

Protecting the vulnerable and reducing the risks

Stephanie Allchurch, Product Development manager at Altecnic, discusses the importance of ‘getting it right’ when it comes to water system-related products and procedures in healthcare settings.

Cost-effective ways to keep air ands urfaces clean

Maintaining stringent infection control in healthcare facilities is clearly a high priority at all times, but with the COVID-19 pandemic having contributed to over 125,000 deaths in the UK alone – has assumed even greater importance.

Flexible solution to changes in demand and capacity

Alan Wilson, of ModuleCo Healthcare, argues that in a post-COVID-19 world, to begin tackling the backlog of operations, modular healthcare facilities’ value and benefits will see them increasingly come into their own.

Addressing two common issues in healthcare facilities

Kas Mohammed, Vice-President of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric, looks at two of the more common electrical issues encountered in hospitals and other healthcare facilities – power factor distortion and harmonics – and how to address them.

Trust will look to hydrogen switch for future CHPs

Alex Best, explains how with the recent purchase of two 2G Energy CHP units which could switch to running on hydrogen in the future, the Trust is aiming to play its part in the NHS reaching its zero carbon emission targets.

Flow-through expansion vessels cut Legionella risk

Amy Sedgwick, Assistant commercial product manager at Groupe Atlantic UK discusses some of the key ways to prevent the growth & proliferation of Legionella bacteria in healthcare water systems including via the use of flow-through expansion vessels

NHSPS is playing its part in NHS ‘net zero carbon’ drive

Cameron Hawkins, head of Energy and Environment at NHS Property Services, discusses how the business is set to reach the NHS’s net zero carbon goals.

Consistent sterilisation of reuseable medical devices

Angelo Giambrone,at Spirax Sarco UK, explores how decontamination leads and Authorising Engineers can drive improvements in steam quality to deliver reliable and consistent sterilisation of reusable medical devices.

Future of healthcare design in a post-COVID world

BDP, which was responsible for drawing up plans for 6 emergency Nightingale hospitals, looks at the ways in which lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic could inform the way healthcare provision in the UK is designed in future

Key communications forum re-established

Graham Stanton, who chairs the IHEEM AE(D) Registration Board, and recently became a member of the Central Sterilising Club committee, discusses the recent re-establishment of the Decontamination Professional Expert Communications Forum (DPECF).

Team working and expertise prove vital in AE(D) role

Graham Stanton IEng, FIHEEM, AE(D), discusses the diversity and knowledge of AE(D)s as a group, and the stringent registration process to ensure that those operating in the healthcare sector have the necessary competences, skills, and expertise.

Air cleaning devices and their ‘real-world’ impact

IIHEEM’s second online Branch of the Month event of 2021 saw guest speaker, Cath Noakes OBE, CEng, FIMechE, FIHEEM, discuss the topic, ‘Air cleaning and disinfection devices in a hospital setting – approaches and pitfalls'

Six-month project delivers £7.3million cancer care unit

Shaun Tuffin, Construction director at LST Projects, discusses the challenges of constructing a new £7.3 million cancer care ward above a live hospital building in Southampton within just six months.

Breathing new life in to the fight against COVID-19

Robert Lawton, Business Development director at Coventry-based Lawton Tubes, reportedly the UK’s largest medical gas copper tube distributor, describes some of the company’s recent work supplying such tubing to Nightingale Hospitals

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