World-first’ vertical spiral-rib tubeless steam boiler launched

An ‘all-new’ gas-fired, vertical spiral-rib tubeless steam boiler from Fulton, the VSRT, is the first range to emerge from its new ‘PURE Technology’ approach, resulting in ‘a world-first design that is durable, long-lasting, and boasts the highest efficiencies and ultra-low NOx emissions as standard’.

Shower cleaning system ‘kills 99% of bacteria’

Nationwide Legionella compliance company, W.E.T (Water Environmental Treatment), has developed and launched what is describes as ‘an innovative shower cleaning system’ which it says ‘is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria’, following investment at its Midlands production facility.

Reducing the risks of confined space working

Dräger offers a number of Confined Space Training courses – including a new basic awareness course designed to ensure that personnel working in confined spaces , such as tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, pits, manholes, tunnels, equipment housings, ductwork, and pipelines, understand the risks and ‘what they need to do to stay safe’.

Tuition can be provided at client sites

As ‘a leading UK-based healthcare training course provider’, PPL Training works with over 80 NHS Trusts, has provided ‘key mechanical, electrical, and water hygiene training’ since 2011, and has a growing Authorising Engineering consultancy.

Training ensures that employees are ‘aware of their duty’

The revised HTM 04-01, Safe Water in Healthcare Premises, emphasises the importance of healthcare workers being aware of their duty to protect the health of patients, staff, and visitors, stipulating that:

Tailored to individual or Trust needs

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use a variety of ventilation, airconditioning, lifts, medical equipment, and medical gas systems, and it is the diversity of this equipment that is catered for through the independent and accredited training delivered at Eastwood Park.

Pathogens – a new one-day course

The Water Management Society has announced the launch of a new training course tutored by Elise Maynard and Dr Paul McDermott, held at its training centre in Fazeley, Tamworth, and covering the elements required for sampling, detection, and enumeration, of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila according to the most probable number (MPN) method.

Balancing care with minimal intrusion

Intercall says its Touch series ‘builds on the success of the best-selling Intercall 600 and 700 Series’.

Aid Call to the rescue

Aid Call has supplied one of its nurse call systems to St Oswald’s Hospice, three miles outside Newcastle City Centre, after a lightning strike in 2015 unexpectedly hit the facility, causing unavoidable failure to all the electrics and the nurse call system.

Improving the information available to nurses

Global nurse call and clinical workflow solutions manufacturer, Austco Communication Systems, describes its flagship solution, Tacera, as ‘an integrated IP-based critical communication system that delivers safety solutions for patients’.

‘How to save thousands’

How many patient handsets do you have to replace annually, how long do you have to wait for your supplier to provide replacements, and how many hours do those beds lay empty – perpetually alarming – as a result?

Time and cost savings guaranteed

Courtney Thorne says its ‘future-proof’ Altra Health SMART wireless nurse call solution, designed to meet HTM 08-03 guidelines, and with a three-year warranty as standard, ‘doesn’t just look smart, but can also wirelessly integrate with different devices and applications used throughout hospitals’.

Addressing the perils of stagnant water in healthcare

Heating, cooling, plumbing, and infrastructure specialist, Uponor’s new CIBSE-approved CPD, ‘Systems for Water Hygiene’, aimed at mechanical design engineers and plumbing installers, highlights the risk of Legionella on the plumbing network, advising on best practice installation layouts and new technology, with a focus on ‘the perils of stagnant water on the network’.

Taking tank management to the next level

Keraflo has introduced a Servo Ceramic Valve to its ‘market-leading’ cold water storage tank monitoring system, Tanktronic.

A 21st century ‘pollution solution’

A new ‘pollution-absorbing paint technology’ that comes in the form of a paint or clear coating, can be applied internally and externally to buildings, is said by the Swiss company behind it to be ‘easy-to-use and scientifically proven’, and which ‘turns walls and surfaces into a natural air purifier’, is now available in the UK.

Slip-resistant safety flooring

Vinyl flooring specialist, Polyflor, says its new Polysafe Quattro safety flooring offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot.

‘Easy installation’ door guard

Intastop, which claims to have introduced the original aluminium door edge guard to the UK market, has added a 10 mm PVC-u Door Edge Guard version to its extensive range, reportedly the largest in the UK.

Auto-aligning ‘one-minute’ smoke detector

Fire detection solutions specialist, FEE, has launched what is said to be the industry’s first one minute auto-aligning smoke beam detector, Fireray One, which it says ‘promises to make advanced smoke detection more accessible and easier to install’.

Blast protection for people and property

With terrorist threats ‘ever-present and increasing’, the JLC Group has developed its own-design and manufactured blast enhanced sliding door systems, which are 30% larger than other comparable systems, for higher traffic levels.

New ‘HealthCare’ brochure from Teal

Award-winning healthcare solutions provider, Teal, has launched a new ‘Solutions for HealthCare’ brochure detailing ‘new, class-leading products which help to transform clinical environments, and create bright, contemporary spaces that complement the latest healthcare interiors’.